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Pinotage is a South African Red, it's a cross in between Pino Noir and Hermitage varieties. Pinotage has an interesting and difficult history, it has enjoyed peaks of popularity and has also seen great lows. Pinotage has good fruit forward flavors, deep dark color, and good acid backbone. The wine can be made in many styles ranging from a rosé, a nouveau, to a big red intended for cellaring. 3 North plans to make several varieties of wine from our Pinotage grapes, we can’t wait for you to try them.

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Albariño is a Spanish white grape variety that is said to be: bright, zesty and crisp. It has notes of fresh grapefruit, pineapple, apricot, and peach. Albariño is quickly gaining popularity in the US and its also flexible and can be made in several styles ranging from sweet to dry. This grape variety has been thought to be a clone of Riesling with distinctive aroma, very similar to that of Viognier and Gewurztraminer.

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Pinot Noir is among the most popular wine varieties in the world, and has helped cooler weather regions make their mark on the wine industry. The wines can have a silky smooth texture with flavors of red fruits, and has a light to medium body. It can also be made into several styles depending on the growing conditions. In 2011 3 North Vintage was lightly oaked to let the red fruit flavors standout.

Available For Pickup



Lucky Shoe

Sweet White $17.00


Fool Me Once

Semi Sweet Blush  $19.00

Pino Gris

Semi-Dry White $21.00



Dry white $21.00


Dry White $22.00


Off-Dry White $22.00 

X Marks the Spot

Semi-Dry Red $22.00

*Pinot Noir

Dry Red $24.00

*Pinot Noir Black

Dry-Red, Oak Aged $25.00


Semi-Dry Red $25.00


Dry Red $24.00









*Denotes an Estate Wine

All ciders are currently being sold in new glassware. We are not able to refill due to Covid-19 outbreak and CDC restrictions.

Growler (64 oz) - $22.00 

Howler (32 oz) - $14.00

Espresso Royale - Coffee infused

Starring: Lexington Coffee Co.

A Few Good Apples - Semi sweet

Starring: Michigan apples

Clear and Present Cider - Semi dry hard cider starring: Michigan hops

Cherry Is Not Enough - Cherry orange infused hard cider

The Hunt for Peach October - Ginger peach infused hard cider

Image by Olivia Bauso

All sangria is currently being sold in new glassware. We are not able to refill due to Covid-19 outbreak and CDC restrictions.

Growler (64 oz) - $28.00 

Howler (32 oz) - $18.00

Raspberry Mango - Fruit Infused White Wine

Red, White & Blue - Blueberry/Pomegranate Infused Red Wine


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